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Delivering the Daily Cleaning Service

We have a seamless transition for all new contracts ensuring that the operation in place is the most cost effective for whilst consistently delivering high service levels. We believe that our careful planning in the preparation of each proposal will ensure that this happens.

Daily Clean 24Seven works closely with customers and suppliers to ensure that all process and products used are environmentally friendly whilst maintaining the highest level of service delivery. An example is that we employ cleaning operatives from close proximity to our contracts to reduce the effect of travelling long distances to work.

We have created a detailed draft plan, seen in the "draft plan section" to demonstrate how we would transfer existing contracts into a Daily Clean contract, we work very closely with our long standing core suppliers as well carrying out regular price comparisons with other local suppliers ensuring we are offering the best possible solutions for your site.

Our Organisation structure, as seen in the section below, is strong, flexible and proactive and designed to offer the best service possible to our clients.

We have included information on a number of tools that operate on our sites as examples of how management information can be used to assist decision making, plan resources and work and identify strengths and potential deficiencies. We have also provided a summary of how we use innovation to consistently maintain and improve the service provided, closely control all costs and how some of the innovative ideas we have implemented are enabling us to continually meet and exceed our customers' expectations at present.

We closely control material budgets quarterly and we meet regularly with our supplier and analyse all sites on a regular basis to monitor product usage. We also monitor trade information, exhibitions and supplier suggestions, to ensure that the materials were using are the most efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective for our customers.

An example of this is the new Activeion IonatorEXP, which is a clear water trigger spray which is being trialled at one of our large sites in Watford. This uses normal tap water and when the trigger is sprayed, water flows through a cell that applies and electrical charge to the water. When the water is sprayed on to the surface it breaks apart and lifts the dirt like a magnet enabling the dirt to be wiped away. This would eliminate the requirement for chemicals in many of the common areas, including some surfaces in washrooms. The product is shown to kill 99.9% of germs.

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